Announcement of Open Bidding Process



Centerfield Farm and Water Stock Invitation to Bid for Lease January 20, 2016 Centerfield City extends an invitation to all interested bidders to lease certain agricultural farm property and shares of Gunnison Irrigation Company under a surplus water lease agreement. The assets for which a bid to lease may be submitted include:

1. Agricultural farm property consisting of ninety (90) acres (consisting of irrigated and non-irrigated acreage), located at approximately 200 South and 600 East, Centerfield, and one hundred fifty (150) shares of Gunnison Irrigation Company.

2. Four (4) separate blocks of fifty (50) shares of Gunnison Irrigation Company water stock (which may be leased collectively or separately).

3. One (1) block of twenty-five (25) shares of Gunnison Irrigation Company water stock.

Please be advised that the submission of a sealed bid will be considered a binding offer according to the terms of the submitted bid. Each sealed bid should include the following:

1. The name of the individual desiring to lease the property and/or water stock.

2. Mailing address/Phone number.

3. A description of the specific assets for which a bid to lease is submitted.

4. The annual price offered to lease the property and water stock.

5. A signed check representing 25% of the the total bid price as a deposit.

In providing this invitation for bids, Centerfield City reserves the following rights: i) the right to rent any portion of its property or water stock deemed to be surplus; ii) the right to unconditionally accept or reject any of the submitted bids; iii) the right to request a subsequent bid; iv) the right to accept a portion of a proposed offer to rent and refund the balance of any amount paid; and (vi) the right to terminate the lease if a bidding party violates any term of the bid.

Sealed bids deemed incomplete or insufficient by Centerfield will be automatically disqualified. The successful high bidder shall be required to execute a formal lease agreement with Centerfield City upon those terms included within the bid, as well as any others deemed necessary or appropriate by Centerfield City. 

If you desire to bid for lease of the assets listed above, please submit a written bid directly to the Centerfield City office at 130 S Main, Centerfield, UT 84622 on or before February 5, 2016 at 5:00 o'clock p.m. All bids submitted will be reviewed by the Centerfield City Council. The successful bidder will be notified directly bu Centerfield City. Unsuccessful bidders will not be notified ad any submitted check will be destroyed.