We are in a Drought!

Utah drought map

Utah drought map

Unfortunately, we had a very warm, and a very dry winter.  This means that we do not have as much water as we would prefer to have.  Believe it or not, but water is a finite resource.  Most of the world's water is in its oceans.  Only 3% of all the water on the planet is fresh water, but we only have access to 1%.  

We all enjoy lush green lawns, but our community also depends on water for their livelihood.  Once the water is used, there will no more for our gardens and our crops.  This is why it is important for us to conserve the water that we have.  Not only will water conservation help us keep our soil wet throughout the summer, it will prevent us from wasting it.

Over the next weeks and months we will be sharing information on how we can do better at being responsible stewards of our water.  Many water conservation efforts are easy to accomplish.

  • NO OPEN DISCHARGE - It is a violation of Centerfield City Ordinances.
  • Check your irrigation system for leaks and broken fixtures.
  • Don't water during peak temperatures.
  • Don't over water.
  • Use an automated irrigation system.

Remember, there are cash rebates available to those who upgrade their irrigation systems with water conservation friendly equipment.