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Election time is upon us and it is the duty of every American to vote in the local elections.

To help make your decision process easier, we have listed the choices that you will see on your ballet. (All the following information was taken from on October 11, 2015)

Vote by Mail

Vote by Mail

Centerfield City Council

This year, the Centerfield City Council has 3 seats up for election, and you will vote for up to 3 candidates.  The following candidates are running for council office.

JADEN B. SORENSON (incumbent)

Occupation: Safety Director

Age: 33

City of residence: Centerfield

Years of residence in current city: 28

Contact email:

Profile:  My name is Jaden Sorenson, I have been a resident of Centerfield City for almost my entire life. My wife, 3 children and I love living in Centerfield. I have a sincere interest in how the city is managed. I am a graduate of Gunnison High School and Utah Valley University. As a current member of the City Council, I am over our roads.  Currently I am working with the Mayor, City Council and Savage Surveying on a 3 phase grant that will allow us to rebuild the roads throughout the city. Phase one of this grant is just over 3 million dollars. The primary reason I am running for City Council is to see this process through and obtain this grant in order to fix our roads. Since being on the council, I have realized the financial challenge we have in maintaining our roads and without a grant Centerfield will never be able to afford the continuous repairs and maintenance. However with this grant we will be able to repair our roads and keep them in a manageable condition. I would appreciate your support by voting for me for city council. Thank you, Jaden

BECKY L. EDWARDS (incumbent)

  • Occupation: Info Tech Manager

    Age: 62

    City of residence: Centerfield

    Years of residence in current city: 37

    Contact email:

    Profile:  The last few years have brought many changes to Centerfield City, some based on Town Residents coming to the council for assistance andsome are requried government guidelines.  There have been many discussions about various subjects and discussions on why decisions were made.  In life the most important code to live by is to be sure that you have all of the facts and then make a conscious decision based on how everything weighs in.  I have been a resident of Centerfield for many years, and I have lived other places.  Centerfield City is a wonderful place to be..let's continue to improve even.though we are having some growing pains.  Everything isn't perfect..but we need to be sure that we don't underestimate what we need as a city..  In advance I want to thank Centerfield City for allowing me to serve them in City Council ..we have a lot to learn and some distance to go..but I would like to go the distance.  I bring to the table a lot of experience from the business world, from being a volunteer and from love and respect for our small town ethics.  Let's protect what we have and continue to improve.


My wife Michelle and I moved into the Gunnison Valley 25 years ago, when my children were young, looking for a better place to raise our children. We found that place! I have had the honor, in the past, to work as a volunteer Fireman and EMT. In 2002 I opened Central Utah Testing in Centerfield. I've worked closely with City, State, and Federal administrations on multi-million dollar projects. We employed over 20 people. In 2012 Michelle and I sold Central Utah Testing and opened Lazy D Pawn so we could slow down and enjoy our 8 grandchildren. I am running for City Council to offer my services. Although, not the most political correct person out there, I believe that my past business experience and my willingness to listen to ALL the people in Centerfield will help grow our town. I believe our town should be run by residents of our town. Rules MUST apply to our rule makers! I believe our town should welcome new businesses not punish them with the highest business license fees in the area. The tax revenue that new businesses bring in outweighs, by far, the license fees. Not all big city programs work in our small town. So let’s stop spending our tax dollars on big city programs. Let’s spend that money to help fix our roads. Thank you for considering me for City Council.  (Profile Submitted to on October 20, 2015)


Occupation: Minister/Handyman/Paralegal

Age: 54

City of residence: Centerfield

Years of residence in current city: 8

Contact email:


Profile:  Rev. Jerome has an extensive background in legal research. Was on Presidents list at Everest University in 2011 in Paralegal Studies. Known in Centerfield Community for turning wrongs into rights. An Independent Conservative, who aims at lending a voice for the unheard minority in the Centerfield Community; so positive changes may be made for the benefit of all Centerfield citizens.

KEITH L. GARFF (incumbent)

No Profile has been submitted for this candidate


No Profile has been submitted for this candidate

Ballot Proposition #1 - Sanpete County

Proposition #1: An Opinion Question to Provide Funding for Transportation Improvements Shall Sanpete County, Utah, be authorized to impose a quarter-of-one percent (0.25% or the equivalent of 1 cent for every $4 spent or equally, 25 cents for every $100 spent) sales and use tax (except on sales of food and food ingredients) for the specific purpose of transportation improvements such as roads, trails, sidewalks, maintenance, and safety features, with the revenues divided among the county, towns and cities? 

You may vote FOR or AGAINST

A voter information pamphlet can be found here.  This document provides arguments for and against this proposition, and was created to help you make a more informed decision on your vote.

The most important thing is that you vote and remember to turn in your ballot.

If you are a registered voter, you ballot should have arrived in the mail.  Simply follow the instructions that are found inside and complete your ballot.  Then, put it back in the mail.  It is that easy.

You may find more information an resources at or

If you need help in filling out your ballot, don't be afraid to ask a friend to help you.  You can even ask for help at our city offices.  We can't tell you how to vote, but we may be able to help you in following the ballot instructions.