Do I Need a Business License?

Any owner of a rental dwelling unit is required to obtain and maintain current a business license. Owners of more than one rental dwelling unit shall be required to obtain only one business license, provided that the owner furnishes to the city all owner contact information as well as a current, complete list of the rental dwelling units owned.

“Rental dwelling unit” means any individual dwelling unit that is rented, loaned, leased, or hired out to be used or occupied as a home or residence. This definition is inclusive of any buildings or apartment buildings so arranged, designed, built, rented, loaned, let or hired out to be used or occupied as the home, residence, or dwelling unit of one or more families living independently of each other.

How to apply for a license

Applications can be found here.  Applications should be complete, and list all of the rental properties that you own, regardless of whether anyone is currently renting the property.  License fees are required when the application is submitted.  

The annual license fee is $141 plus a per unit disproportionate fee.  This fee changes according to rental property type.  Disproportionate fees can be dramatically reduced by participating in Centerfield's "Good Landlord Program" (GLP).  First time applications are subject to a $50 application fee.

Rental Type

Single Family

Trailer Park Unit


Per Unit Fee




Reduced Fee (GLP Participants)




The Good landlord program

Participation in the Good Landlord Program is voluntary, however, there are many benefits to participation, including a reduction in fees.  To learn more about how you may participate in this program, click here.