Centerfield History

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Centerfield has a rich history.  The following histories are given by several authors.  Although much of the information is shared in these histories, each one includes its own unique information.

History #1

This is an excerpt from the book, "Gunnison Valley's Centennial 1859-1959". It was written in 1959 and offers a unique perspective of Centerfield at that time.

History #2

A balanced history of Centerfield from 1877 to 1990.  The author is unknown, and it was most likely written sometime in the 1990's.

History #3

The longest of our collection, it mentions many of the businesses that Centerfield has seen, and of the town's development.  History from 1869 to 1926, author is unknown.

History #4

Written as part of an announcement for Centerfield's 1st Annual Founder's Day Celebration, author unknown.


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