Great businesses are part of the foundation of every great community.  We want the businesses in Centerfield City to grow and thrive.  The following is a collection of resources and tools that business owners may find useful.*  This list is ever growing so be sure to check back often.

Links for Business Resources

The Governor's Office of Economic Development

Starting Your Business

Rural Development

Business Resource Centers

Utah Department of Commerce

Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing

Increase your web presence

The Simplified Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses - This article from discusses the fundamental ways in which a small business can get involved, and benefit from social media.

Facebook for Business - This link takes you right to Facebook, where you can start a page for your business.

Twitter - Follow this link to create a Twitter account.  Twitter does requires your business account to be separate from any personal account you may already have.  Just fill in your business information and get started.

Google+ - Not as many people use Google+ as Facebook, but don't discount its potential for your business.  Creating a business page on Google+ inserts your business into all of Google's products.  Your business may show up on Google maps, and may be easier to find in Google search results.

Weebly - Weebly is a free web building service.  It is easier than you think to quickly create a simple, yet eye-catching website.  Websites can be created without any previous web building experience and is completely "drag and drop".  Weebly does offer premium features for a cost.  The Centerfield City Police Department's website is built on this platform.

Wix - Wix is another free web building service, similar to Wix.  It offers both free and paid premium services.  A simple internet search will yield many articles and videos comparing the pros and cons of both Weebly and Wix.

Squarespace - This is the web builder service that this site is built on.  It does not offer any free services, but does offer a 14 day free trial.

Find Money for your business

Rural Business Financing Options

Rural Grant Resources

Rural Fast Track Program - The Rural Fast Track (RFT) Program is a post-performance grant available to small companies in rural Utah. The program provides an efficient way for existing, small companies to receive incentives for creating high paying jobs in the rural areas of the state and to further promote business and economic development.

Enterprise Zone Tax Credits -  Tax credits may be claimed by eligible businesses locating or expanding in enterprise zones on Utah state income tax forms.

Financial and Related Resources

*The links, information, and resources provided here are for informative purposes only.  The City of Centerfield does not claim endorse any product or service herein listed, and is not responsible for the content of third parties.